Compiling drivers with MinGW?

Michael Hobbs michael@REDACTED
Tue Sep 9 16:31:50 CEST 2003

Bjorn Gustavsson said:
> You said a DLL is less than optimal, I don't
> really understand why, DLL's are far more flexible than static libraries
> and ought to be the way to proceed in anyway.

If it is part of the standard Erlang distribution, it wouldn't be much of
a problem. I just wasn't looking forward to packaging yet another DLL
along with my driver DLL and making sure that it is in the $PATH. (Not to
mention versioning issues that can occur with DLL's.)

> If all goes well, the next windows-release (R9C-1) will contain a
> erl_interface working wint MinGW as well, but no promises yet :-)

Excellent. Thanks much.
- Michael Hobbs

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