Old Erlang version

Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Mon Sep 8 10:12:05 CEST 2003


  Does anybody have an old Erlang version lying around?

  I seem to have lost my old Erlang's

  I'd like  an *old*  version of Erlang  - preferably the  last version
where the JAM compiler worked correctly and could bootstrap itself.

  I'm not sure of the version number.

  (I  tried the  earliest version  in the  otp  download/old directory
erlang_base-47.4.1.src.tar.gz  but  this  seems  buggy -  for  example
making  a parser  from  erl_parse.yrl  makes a  parser  which will  do
compile correctly)

  So I  guess I either  want an earlier  version - Or a  later version
that compiles correctly.

  What I'd really like was the last version that had both the beam and
the jam  where the  jam worked  and the beam  was experimental  - just
before the  default machine was  changed to the  beam - I  don't even
know which version this was ...

 If anybody knows where I could get hold of this I'd be very grateful

 Thanks a lot


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