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Micael Karlberg micael.karlberg@REDACTED
Mon Nov 3 18:07:06 CET 2003


mwilligs@REDACTED writes:
 > I have this code:
 > cre_SubtractRequest(TerminationID, AuditDescriptor)->
 > #'SubtractRequest'{terminationID=[#megaco_term_id{id=TerminationID}],
 > auditDescriptor=AuditDescriptor}.
 > cre_AuditDescriptor(AuditToken)->
 > #'AuditDescriptor'{auditToken=AuditToken}.
 > I want to build this megaco command in Erlang:
 > Context = 1
 > {
 > 	substract = Epha {Audit{Statistics}}
 > }
 > But I don't know how to use a token
 > If my code is ok, how can I make to insert the token "Statistics" in my
 > megaco command?

There is no statistics token for auditToken in AuditDescriptor.
The auditToken in the AuditDescriptor is either a the atom 
asn1_NOVALUE or a list of tokens (statistics is not one of them), 

cre_AuditDescriptor(AuditToken) when atom(AuditToken) ->
  #'AuditDescriptor'{auditToken = [AuditToken]};
cre_AuditDescriptor(Tokens) when list(Tokens) ->
  #'AuditDescriptor'{auditToken = [Tokens]}.

If I read chapter 7.2.3, of RFC3525 correctly (yes, I know we 
do not yet support this rfc), there is no need to specify 
statistics. It is the default. 

   "By default, the Statistics parameter is returned to report
   information collected on the Termination or Terminations specified in
   the Command.  The information reported applies to the Termination's
   or Terminations' existence in the Context from which it or they are
   being subtracted.

   The AuditDescriptor is optional.  If present, the command will return
   only those descriptors as specified in the AuditDescriptor, which may
   be empty.  If omitted, the Statistics descriptor is returned, by
   default.  Possible return values are the same as those to Add."

 > Thanks in advance


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