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Tue Jul 29 11:24:34 CEST 2003

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> From: "Fredrik Linder" <fredrik.linder@REDACTED>
> > As an example I'd have:
> >
> >  o One behaviour to list operational functions (start/stop)
> >  o One behaviour to list administrative functions (set cache size/...)
> >  o One behaviour for each other functionality (add user/remove user or
> > permit_user/is_user_permitted or determine user violations (whatever))
> >
> > In this way I'd say that multiple behaviours are very desireable.
> This use of behaviours is more or less the same as interfaces are
> used in other
> languages.


> Just a thought that might open the can of snakes/worms/dragons :
> I think there
> is a difference in semantics for the two usages, maybe it would
> be appropriate
> to use different keywords? ...

I've thought about that too, but what is the real difference between
interfaces and behaviours? Is it really possible to differentiate the two?


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