François-Denis Gonthier fgonthier@REDACTED
Mon Jul 28 23:38:32 CEST 2003

Good job.

This tutorial would have been so welcome when I started playing with Erlang
few months ago.  :)

sadly, I'm rarely take time to carefully read things I've printed of the net
so I'm not really the kind of guy that will make useful suggestions or error
reports.  I have nonetheless noticed something that might be a typo in the

in module tut18, shouldn't the start function read:

start(Ping_Node) ->
	register(pong, spawn(tut18, pong, [])),
	spawn(Ping_Node, tut17, ping, [3, node()]).

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I have written a tutorial covering most of the basics of Erlang.
OTP is not covered.

This is not a specification of Erlang, rather a text which will
hopefully help to get people started. A specification is being
written separately (by Gunnila Arendt) and when this is ready,
this tutorial I hope to addend the tutorial to cross reference
the spec.

The tutorial is available at:


and is a plain text file. All the example programs can be copy / pasted
from this files and be compiled and run.

What I would like now are comments, errata and sugestions for


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