Use of timestamps in otp

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Sat Jul 26 10:45:30 CEST 2003

> Do you mean stuff like "03:30 on the day when switching from summer
> time to winter time", when there is an extra hour between 03:00 and 
> 04:00? This is nasty but manageable: the first hour is 03:00 to
> EST, the second our 03:00 to 04:00 MET. (I hope that local time
> time zone information...)
This is exactly the case and the local time stamp does not include
time zone information.

> I'd agree with that.
> There are two reasons, both relevant only when data is gathered in
> different time zones:
> 1) Time zone information tends to be misconfigured. Under Unixoid
> systems, end users are able to set (and hence misconfigure) their TZ
> variable. UTC information is usually more reliable.
> 2) Comparing or subtracting timestamps gathered in different time
> is a bit complicated and easy to do wrong. UTC timestamps can be
> manipulated directly, with little room for dumb errors.
Totally agree.

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