Contribution to the record- and write-your-own-guards debates

Francesco Cesarini francesco@REDACTED
Sat Jul 12 08:43:16 CEST 2003

> There is one thing I have been missing in the ongoing debate of 
> replacing/complementing records with a new and "better" construct. 
> This may be because most people find it too obvious to mention. I 
> think it's worth mentioning. 

Joe Armstrong has some excellent ideas for dynamic records that fit 
excellently into the language, pretty syntax, and from what I 
understood, no hidden ugly side effects. It is exactly what you (And 
many others) are asking for. When we send our wish list to Father Xmas, 
we should all CC Joe.

> To me what makes records great (I think they are) is that they can be 
> inserted into ETS and DETS tables. 

And be able to use them from the shell, and support in the debugging 


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