BSD Firewall (long)

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Thu Jul 10 19:09:54 CEST 2003

>   Thanks for all the tips.  I got set up with OpenBSD.  I chose
>   it because the security seemed to be its strongest point
>   and the tutorials were as good as those I found on the other
>   variants.  

Security is their main topic. 
But this doesn't mean that the other BSDs are much weaker,
important bug fixes and good new innovations travel
fast among the BSDs. There are many developers with access
to two project trees, who do this syncing.

>   Don't get me wrong, I like Linux as a desktop and development
>   environment.

There is no Linux specific desktop software, except for some
games, which still runder the BSD kernel module (it is not
a real emulator, rather a different mode, because the BSD kernel 
executes linux syscalls and uses linux libs).

IMHO hardware drivers make the difference.

>From the desktop side, evrything available for Linux
should be reproducible for BSD.
But while for Linux you can buy ready made very userfriendly
distributions, for BSD nobody cared to do so far. 
But that is lack of interest, perhaps lack of man power,
but not technically caused.


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