Please test snapshots of the coming R9C

Martin J. Logan mlogan@REDACTED
Wed Jul 9 22:55:16 CEST 2003

I just built the latest snapshot on redhat 9.0 and I find that I still
must set LANG=en_US when I ./configure and when I gmake for OTP to
build. Can this be fixed? 

I noticed warnings like below in a few files. I hope that the errors
will be fixed or the +warn_unused_vars flag will be removed in the
default build before the release. Warnings do not do much to instill
confidence in new users.

Warning: variable 'Ln' is unused

Otherwise, as usual, things look great.


On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 11:12, Kent Boortz wrote:
> It is now less than a month to the R9C release. The code is frozen but
> we are still doing some testing, adding some missing documentation and
> release notes.
> We try to release the OpenSource version at the same time or closely
> after the commercial R9C release. To make this release as portable as
> possible we need your help in building and verifiying the source
> before we release the OpenSouce R9C-0.
> We are doing some corrections in the make files so there may be
> snapshots that don't build but most of them should build without
> problems.
> Note that in R9C you can build the Windows binary from source.
> You need Microsoft Visual C++ and some free tools like Cygwin.
> The Windows build instructions are in "$SRCROOT/README.win32".
> The snapshots can be found at
> Please let us know if there are problems that you think is important
> to correct before the R9C release,
> The OTP team

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