what versions of windows does erlang run on?

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz@REDACTED
Tue Jul 8 11:59:52 CEST 2003

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:
> Why should Cygwin help me here?

Cygwin is doing things "the Unix way". IOW you avoid bugs in the Windows 
port (if there is a Windows port, and if there are bugs in it).
You may hit some Cygwin bug, of course, so this isn't a silver bullet.

 > Do you suggest using Cygwin to compile
> my own Windows version of Erlang instead of the official open
> source of Erlang?

You'd compile a Unix version of Erlang on Cygwin.

Programs compiled under Cygwin have an assortment of the typical Unix 
calls at their disposal. They are still compiled and linked using 
Windows conventions (you can't run ELF or a.out binaries under Cygwin - 
at least that's what I remember from last time I looked). They can still 
access the Windows API, the Unix emulation is in addition to the Windows 
calls. (Of course, the Unix flavor of any program will not try to access 
the Windows API, it will use X Windows instead.)


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