Ingela Anderton ingela@REDACTED
Mon Jul 7 12:17:27 CEST 2003

Alex Peake wrote:
> In looking through the ODBC documentation, I do not see a way to bind parameters, as in:
> "INSERT INTO Customer (FirstName, LastName, Street, City, State, Zip) VALUES(?,?,?,?,?,?)"
> and SQLBindParameter()
> Is this available? Was it omitted for a reason? Is it possible for a mere mortal to add?

Well the Erlang ODBC application aims to provide an erlang style
programming interface to sql-databases. This means that it tries to
provide the functionality that an SQL-user wants, which is not a one
to one mapping with the Microsoft ODBC API, as it is a C-API that has
to handle memory allocation and stuff that an Erlang programmer does
not need to think about. Howere ODBC is a big standard and what
functionalty that has been included depends in first hand what our
commercial customers have required. 

The erlang odbc is a fairly small application, so it should not be
that hard to get your head around it. It all of course depends on your
prior knowledge. The latest version of the documentation includes some
design info. (Has only been patch on the windows platform) Also there
is some internal documentation at the top of the c-file odbcserver.c

The functionality you are talking about was not omitted for any
special reason it rather has not been considered yet. If you could
explain a little when and why you want to use this functionality it would
have a better chance to become part of the official release. 


Ericsson AB - OTP team

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