trailing a growing file

Carsten Schultz carsten@REDACTED
Wed Dec 31 02:58:07 CET 2003

On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 06:47:18PM +0100, Raphael Bellec wrote:
> I would like to read logs file as soon as data is written to them. I
> actually have found 2 ways for this purpose:
>  - With Io module, pooling (each time I get an eof, I wait a small
>    time then try again).
>  - With ports, spawning "tail -f -n 1 /path/to/file", which is the
>    method I currently use.

Just a note to help in the comparison of these two options: (GNU) tail
(basically) works by checking every second (or whatever
--sleep-interval is set to) if the file's size has changed.



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