gen_server/gen_fsm trap exit signals?

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Sat Dec 20 01:54:24 CET 2003

Never mind .... :)

OK, I now see that the point of the second text is to say that
the supervisor will not be polite unless the trap_exit flag is
true.  I was reading a little bit more into it.

With process_flag(trap_exit, true) I see:

   1> supervisor:terminate_child(Sup, fsm).
   fsm called terminate(shutdown, loop, [])

Whereas without it I get:

   2> supervisor:terminate_child(Sup, fsm).


On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 05:28:07PM -0500, Vance Shipley wrote:
}  It doesn't appear to matter whether or not process_flag(trap_exit, true)
}  is called at all.  It behaves the same each way.  

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