Trouble with ei...

Nicolas Charpentier ncharpentier@REDACTED
Thu Dec 4 23:00:02 CET 2003

WILLIAMS Dominic wrote:
 > Hello,
 > I am trying to connect to an Erlang node from a C program, using ei.
 > <.../...>
 > Which works when called from another erlang node.
 > However, the following C program exits without errors, but nothing  > 
appears on the server's output...
 > <.../...>
 > My configuration is W2K, R9C.
 > Any suggestions?

I'm trying your sample and I get a strange behavior.
Your client succeeds to send message to the server but not at all the 
I patch your client adding a loop sending a long

     for (long i(0); i!=100;i++)
     ei_x_buff x;
     ei_x_encode_long(&x, i);
     int res = ei_reg_send(&ec, fd, "spike", x.buff, x.index);
     if (res < 0) erl_err_quit("send failed");

When I launch the client one time, nothing append, but if I repeat the 
operation several times, the server write the messages on his output.

I don't have any explanations....


Nicolas Charpentier

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