Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Tue Dec 2 15:35:07 CET 2003

Hello everybody,

  My  life as  a perpetual  student is  scheduled to  end at  10.00 on

  On Friday (yes THIS Friday) at 10.00 I will "defend" [1] my thesis.

  The defence will take place at 10.00 at the IT Universitet KTH Kista
(Forum)      Sal     4.      (this     is      building      39     on

  A summary and instructions on how to get to the IT university can be
found in the nailleaf at: 

   Executive summary of the summary:

        Q: How can we program stuff that works despite the fact we will have
	   errors in our programs?

        A: Like this ... [details omitted]

	Q: Does it work?

	A: Yes

	Q: Prove it?

	A: [details omitted]

	Q: Can I have my Ph.D now?

	A: ? 


  [1] -  I don't  really now what  this means  - something to  do with
knights in shining armor and dragons and things.

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