Supervisor starts children in parallel

Lennart Öhman lennart.ohman@REDACTED
Mon Dec 1 21:19:21 CET 2003

the next child is not supposed start until the previous ones init-phase
has acknowledged back to the supervisor (i.e my_callback_modle:init(...)
has returned {ok,DataStructure}.

Some people wanting a more concurrent start usually make their init
phases empty and keep a state in the DataStrcture. They then send a
cast to change that state into "operational mode" for the worker process
in some kind of order which is not equavalent to the start-order.

But that was not your problem, rather the opposite!?


Vance Shipley wrote:

> The supervisor behaviour seems to start it's children in parallel.
> I have a supervisor with two children in a one_for_all strategy.
> This causes a chicken and egg problem when these processes act as
> a pair.  If they were started synchronously and in order there 
> wouldn't be a problem.  It would be very handy if there were a
> flag to specify either a synchronous or asynchronous startup.
> How do folks deal with this?
> 	-Vance

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