Sybase interface

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Mon Dec 1 21:19:26 CET 2003

Gerd Flaig <gerd@REDACTED> writes:

> soon I'll have to interface to Sybase (12.5). I found[1] that
> Daniesc Schutte already wrote a low level interface and I suspect it
> might also be possible via ODBC. Googling revealed no further hints.
> Any recommendations on the way to go?

We used ODBC on Linux and the experience was painful. ODBC adds at
least one 3rd party vendor, licensing hassles, proprietary software,
and documentation of variable usability. YMMV.

We are now using a simple Erlang port to connect to an Oracle database
using the command line tool (SQLPlus - like Sybase's isql) at the
other end of the port. No coding to vendor API libraries, no ODBC. For
the app in question, timing for the database hits is not critical so
we can get away with this approach.

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