english version of new erlang book?

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Sat Aug 30 00:53:21 CEST 2003

>   i noticed the announcement of a new erlang book,
>   in french, on the erlang site. 

I got that book two weeks ago via www.amazon.fr

If you go to one of the better bookshops in Germany you
can order almost any US or UK titel, but nothing from
your European neighbours. Quite embarassing.
And although we no have Europe-wide banking numbers, which
should make money transfers from bank to bank easy and
cheap, I still needed to pay via credit card.
So much for united Europe. :)

>   for those of us in the
>   cultural backwaters of the US, are there any plans 
>   for an english version? 

I am sure the author will respond to this himself soon :)

Note that computer French is simpler than normal
French, add the nice graphics plus code snippets 
which help understanding 
and your school french should be ok, at least it
worked for me.

>  or, failing that, any hope of
>   a translation project similar to what we did for the
>   oreilly ocaml book?

That book is part of a series called "coming next" and
seems to have the function to introduce interested 
readers with new promising technologies.

It honours the French that they have such a book project.

And indeed this book gives a nice overview over
the large Erlang/OTP system plus some free stuff (like

This is nice and worth the money, but it won't
justify the collective effort.

What we rather need is 
- something easy with lots of example code like the
  Java tutorial - online and free to use for everyone

- a rigorous, strong title like the original Erlang
  book, only updated

I don't know if one should organize an open doc effort
using docbook stuff, checked into a public cvs version. 
like the FreeBSD documentation project does for example,
or some improved wiki (one which can render high quality),
because installing all docbook tools already imposes a
nontrivial burden.

Anyone interested?


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