yaws plug-ins

Thomas Arts thomas.arts@REDACTED
Sat Aug 9 18:05:23 CEST 2003

Please find attached a calendar plug-in for yaws. Install the compiled
Erlang file in a directory where the yaws server searches for code and
try the calendar.yaws page. Nifty calendar in the right hand corner in
which you can select a date.

This is an experiment after having seen the wonderful web-objects
concept. Just thinking that separating layout and functionality should
be doable with a yaws server as well... 
Not trivial, though, since the HTML style concept is hard to computer
scientist that take certain scoping rules for granted.

Anyone interested in setting up a plug-in archive for yaws?


Dr Thomas Arts 
     Program Manager 
     Software Engineering and Management 
IT-university in Gothenburg 
Box 8718, 402 75 Gothenburg, Sweden 

Tel +46 31 772 6031 
Fax +46 31 772 4899 

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