Win DLL for ssl:start()

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Sat Aug 9 04:08:00 CEST 2003

Erik J Pearson <erik.pearson@REDACTED> writes:
> Does anyone know any info about the DLL used to build
> the R9C0 win binary otp_win32_R9C-0.exe?
> I installed it last night, but ssl:start(). failed because
> it couldn't find the correct DLL.  (I don't have the name
> on me right now unfortunately.)
> Is this DLL freely available?

I think the relevant section from the source distribution README.win32 is

  * OpenSSL for Windows. This is if you want the SSL and crypto
  applications to compile (and run). Go to, click
  on the "Related" link and then on the "Binaries" link (upper right
  corner of the page last time I looked), you can then reach the
  "Shining Lights Productions" Web site for Windows binaries
  distributions. Get the latest or 0.9.7b if you get trouble with the
  latest. It's a nifty installer. The rest should be handled by
  configure, you needn't put anything in the path or anything.

In the manual for the Erlang/OTP ssl application you can read

      For <c>Win32</c> it is only required that the libraries can be
      found from the <c>PATH</c> environment variable, or that they
      reside in the appropriate <c>SYSTEM32</c> directory; hence no
      particular relinking is need. Hence no example <c>Makefile</c>
      for Win32 is provided.


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