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Håkan Stenholm hakan.stenholm@REDACTED
Sun Aug 3 03:05:20 CEST 2003

On lördag, aug 2, 2003, at 17:17 Europe/Stockholm, Jilani Khaldi wrote:

> Hi All,
> using the shell under Linux,
> 1. is there a way to clear a variable in Erlang and use it again? 2. 
> How to list all the used variables?
> 3. The command m(MethodName) lists all the methods of the module and 
> if these methods are many,  m(file) for example I can't see them all. 
> Is there a command similar to "|more" to scroll a page each time?

One way to print all the text of very big terms is wrap them in a 
io:format, like this:

io:format("~p",[m(file)]).	%% for m(file)

> Where can I find an updated list of all the modules and their methods.
> Thank you very much.
> jilani

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