A bug.

Pierpaolo BERNARDI bernardp@REDACTED
Wed Apr 16 13:56:16 CEST 2003


this looks like a serious bug.
I'm using OTP R9B on windows.

Given this function:

instr_forms() ->
      %%          1111111111222222222233
     %%% 347 tuples in total, all similar to the first one.

The list returned is corrupted.  The last 5 items are not there
and there are random characters:

59> hd(lists:reverse(risk_bug_0:instr_forms())).

The same list, if put in a data file and read from there is 
read fine, looks like the problem is not in the parser.

The source which reproduces this is available here:


As a secondary issue, compiling this simple function takes about 
10 minutes.

Before someone suggests it:  yes, putting the list in a file and reading
it from there would be better.  I have already done this.


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