Part 2 of tcp_proxy tutorial

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Mon Apr 14 08:37:26 CEST 2003

I made a few minor changes to Part 1 of the tcp_proxy
tutorial.  This tutorial demonstrates using gen_server to
create a TCP/IP proxy server:

Part 2 of the tutorial is now complete as well.  It describes
the proxy interface and provides three demonstration
applications: a simple telnet echo, a browser-based echo
and a proxy server that blocks "naughty" sites from being

Let me know of any changes or corrections that are
recommended.  I will start working on my gameserver
again (based on the tutorial code) so it will be a while
before I finish up with Part 3: web services by proxy.

The code can be downloaded as a tgz file from the link
at the top of the page.  Some individual text files are
provided where the narrative of the text refers to them.


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