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Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Tue Apr 15 10:43:11 CEST 2003

On Tue, 15 Apr 2003, Erik Pearson wrote:

>I'd like to give UBF a try. It looks really great, and
>thanks for your addition to it.

Good. (:

Joe is, I believe, in Iceland this week, undoubtedly
spending quality time trying out all the hot baths there.
Let's see how he wants to play it when he gets back.
Otherwise, you can certainly download whatever he has made
available on his website, and I can send you my modified
version, with absolutely no guarantees. ;-)

>What would be great, though, is if someone can share a Java
>implementation (or any other implementation out there, e.g.
>Tcl). I need it to glue together a Java servlet to Erlang
>(or whatever).
> From the UBF paper, it appears that a Java implementation
>was largely completed. It would be great to either use that
>code, or start with it and complete the implementation far
>enough to get something working.

There are two Java implementations that I know of. Luke's
Java client that's included in Joe's care package, and Jon
Åkergården's Athletics client prototype. Jon's Java code can
be downloaded from
However, Jon is actively working on the code right now, so
the downloadable version is almost certainly outdated.

>From a quick glance (and be warned: I've yet to write even
Hello World in Java), Luke's UBF decoder seems to lack
caching support(*), and Jon's decoder lacks support for
binaries; I'm also unsure about whether Jon's decoder
handlers escaping properly, but Luke's does.

If you take the union of the two, you probably have a
complete decoder, but they don't seem totally compatible to
me.  ;)  Someone else with more knowledge of Java will
perhaps see things differently.


(*) This is only a problem if the other side uses caching.
Joe's Erlang-based UBF encoder will take advantage of
caching, so a corresponding decoder will of course have to
as soon as there is something cachable in the messages.

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