Mnesia table events

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Fri Aug 16 14:24:52 CEST 2002


>  >     I have created a table, which is replicated in 2 nodes 
> ..say Node A and Node B. If I insert a value in Node A, then 
> it's is replicated in Node B.
>  >     Is it possible to subscribe for capturing table events 
> in Node B, to capture table events When I perform table 
> operations like write/delete in Node A for the replicated table. 
>  >     When I tried the above scenario, I am getting events 
> only in Node A, and node B doesn't seems to generate any 
> table events, when its replicated table is accessed in Node A.

I strikes me (without knowing anything at all about your application) that
you might be better off using the normal erlang inter-node communication
mechansims to communicate changes to the database to the rest of your
system. I have seen table events used quite extensively in other database
environments but have never really felt the need to use them in Erlang
because there are usually much easier and more "native" ways to achieve the
same aim.

Good luck in your Erlanging


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