Tanja Godau eedtag@REDACTED
Thu Aug 15 10:39:56 CEST 2002


I've been using the regexp module to match various strings and parts of strings.
I would like to know how can I extract one or more variables from my match.

For example:

 I receive a string "\000\005\abc"
 I identify the string due to the leading three zeros, but I need to extract
 the number "5" and the letters "abc" from the string. 
 I've used regexp's with Perl and there I would bracket the parts I need and be  
 able to use them later as the variables $1, $2, etc.  I'd like to know how to  
 do the same thing with Erlang.
 Something like this: 								   
 String =  "\000\005\abc",
 case regexp:match(String, "\\000.*\\00(.*)\\00(.*)") of
    {match,S,L} -> 
		io:format("Number: ~p~n",[$1]),  % this prints "Number: 5"
		io:format("Text: ~p~n",[$2]);  % this prints "Text: abc"
     nomatch ->
Question: How can I match a string and extract the variables I need in Erlang?
Tanja Godau

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