"Registering" an application

Björn Bylander bjorn.bylander@REDACTED
Fri Aug 2 10:58:08 CEST 2002

Lennart Öhman wrote:
> Yes, you must compile your source code. And as Per Bergqvist mentions there are
> more sofisticated ways to work when developing larger systems. But to just try
> it
> out, start a shell, use the shell command cwd/1 to "go" to your source
> directory.
> Use the c/1 shell command to compile each file. You can also use make:all/0 but
> be aware of that this will not load modules (can easily fool you when editing,
> compiling, trying and then editing, compiling, trying again).
> Either move the .beam files to the ebin directory, but why not move the .app
> file
> "here" instead and do code:add_path/1 to the src directory instead. Or you can
> simply
> "remain" in the src directory since "." is included in the code-path.
Regarding make:all() not loading modules... wouldn't make:all([load]) 
solve that problem?


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