"Registering" an application

Björn Bylander bjorn.bylander@REDACTED
Thu Aug 1 23:52:01 CEST 2002

Lennart Öhman wrote:

>>On a related note (as in the "trying to figure out what wrong" note), is
>>there any way I can trace the calls made when evaluating application:start?
>>I've tried to trace the shell process through the graphical Process
>>Manager but the part where it actually tries to find my app file is not
>>displayed. I guess I could use some Win32 utility to trace the system
>>calls, but an Erlang way would be nicer...
> Just checking, you have a module of behaviour application (containing a start
> and
> a stop function, pointed out by the .app file)?
> You need to use pman on the application controller and turn on (I do not
> remember
> which button) trace all spawned processes too. The application controller will
> spawn one (or was it two?) processes between itself and the top-most supervisor
> of your application.
I do get a fairly descriptive trace. I can see the call to 
application_controller but I don't see what application_controller does, 
where it tries to find the files etc.

That said, I'm rather certain some of my problems will go away once I 
compile my files and set the path correctly. :-)

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