Erlang/OTP and the Web Services Universe

Steven H. Rogers shrogers@REDACTED
Tue Oct 30 03:27:11 CET 2001

The following two articles got me to thinking about where Erlang/OTP
fits (or should fit) in the web services scheme of things.  The first
discusses Open Source strategies for countering Microsoft's attempt to
take over the Web with .NET, concluding that supporting J2EE offers the
best foil for .NET.  The second argues that neither .NET nor ONE
(J2EE+), or anything else for that matter, is likely to achieve market
domination in the near future and that interoperability between
different web services domains is needed.

Erlang/OTP is not mentioned in either article, but seems to be an very
viable alternative, so I have a couple of questions for the Erlang/OTP

- Is there a strategy for promoting Erlang/OTP as a general web services

- Are there any initiatives to support .NET and/or J2EE


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