Erlang book

Sun Oct 21 21:31:25 CEST 2001

I liked the book plan.  Some comments:

1. I don't think it should be too chatty, even with attitude.  It is
important to remember that this will be *THE* Erlang book.

2. I think you need to filter your examples better.  Perhaps more of
what is Erlang is really good for, not what you can write in Erlang.

3. Be careful to separate the hands-on stuff from descriptions of the
language/libraries/OTP.  Otherwise some people may get a bit confused
as to what is the language and what is the implementation.  Also
seeing different OSes look different you may confuse just the people
you want and need to help.

4. Much more OTP.  This is the killer app.

Even if O'Reilly aren't interested can/should we still use their style
sheets etc?  If the book come out on the net they will probably never
become interested.  Any better alternatives?  Another  publisher.


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