SAE for R8B

Al Christians achrist@REDACTED
Fri Oct 19 09:06:45 CEST 2001

I tried following the instructions on how to build SAE on
Windows.  Unfortunately, I get hung up around step 2.  I can 
uzip the Erlang source (Winzip seems to do this ok).  But 
running the configure script for the Erlang source under 
Windows on my machine leads to a machine that hangs up when
it gets to "checking for unreliable floating point exceptions".
This step has so far taken over 1 hour of CPU according to 
the NT task manager, and it is still sitting there.

My machine is NT4 SP6. I am running the configure script under
bash of Cygwin, version 1.18.  My gcc is v2.95.

Al Christians

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