SAE for R8B

Joe Armstrong joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Thu Oct 18 11:07:12 CEST 2001

Announcing SAE for R8B

SAE is intended for distributing stand-alone Erlang applications
that do not require the standard environment.

The Unix version (tested on linux) of Stand-alone-Erlang works beautifully
with R8B.

This is *almost* a total re-write from the last version.

I have introduced a new packing system which packs all beam and include 
for a libraray into a single .lib file - then I've written a loader that 
demand loads
code from the .lib files.

Using this I've re-written ecc and elink (the stand alone compile and 
they are now down to 30Kbytes (each) - the shared libraries and the beam 
takes 3.5 MBytes.

The distribution once built is 7 files (3.5 MB) and relaces about 500 
files in the standard distribution.

I have no possibility to build this for windows - can somebody try to do 

The code for this is on


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