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Nicolas Niclausse nicolas.niclausse@REDACTED
Mon Oct 1 16:19:11 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Hinde <Sean.Hinde@REDACTED> écrivait:

 Sean> In the R8 Prerelease version I noticed the rather unusual design
 Sean> decision to read the HTTP header 1 octet at a time with
 Sean> successive gen_tcp:recv calls.

 Sean> I wonder if any performance testing was done on this mechanism as
 Sean> it doesn't particularly strike me as optimal.. and it might be
 Sean> very slow indeed...

Indeed, i've just made a quick benchmark with httperf, and R8 is much
slower (using the same conf. file)

httperf --hog --server schultze --port 8888 --num-conn 1000 --rate 150
(150 requests sent per sec. to a  html file of 4100bytes)

R8-2001.09.24 Request rate: 63.1 req/s (15.9 ms/req)
R7B3          Request rate: 103.6 req/s (9.7 ms/req)
Apache 1.3.20 Request rate: 142.9 req/s (7.0 ms/req)

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