fix required for HTML docs?

Daniel Solaz dsolaz@REDACTED
Sat Nov 17 03:39:55 CET 2001

I'm one of those guys that prefer to have colors "upside down": white 
foreground, dark background (easier on the eyes etc etc)

obviously this is very uncommon since lots of things that look wrong 
when you turn colors upside down would have been fixed otherwise

for example, the Erlang/OTP HTML documentation

all pages have BODY tags that set the background color to white but do 
not define text and link colors, so browser settings are applied 
producing white text on white background

to better understand me (or to understand me at all) see

the Internet is full of pages that suffer from this defect; as a matter 
of fact, my own pages did lack full color definition before I swapped 
colors, too, simply because I hadn't even thought about it

the HTML docs are terrific but this flaw is very annoying, so can I 
request that it be fixed in the next release?

thanks in advance

d s o l a z @ L E P I D O P T E R O . C O M

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