Feature Requests

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Fri Nov 9 16:59:45 CET 2001


While we are dreaming here's a few thoughts on what I'd like to see: (A bit
early for Christmas I know but here goes anyway)

New features in applications:

HTTP-1.1 including persistent connections for httpd (looks like it's on the
SOAP server
HTTP-1.1 client
SOAP client

overload module enhanced to take into account system load as well as the
defined throughput (nice telecoms standard adaptive load control mechansim).

Nice full set of XML libraries

Use of select syntax to make it even usable :)

Nicer way to recover from partitioned networks safely (e.g. option to not
startup node until fully meshed network and master node are (re)established)

Supervisors with option of delay between restarts
Global naming - better recovery from partitioned networks, particularly when
used with distributed apps (e.g. it is possible to have two instances of a
global app remain running even after re-connection of two nodes).

Java Interface:
Native support of Java RMI or JMS or EJB. I started to write a streamed Java
object decoder in Erlang yesterday - it doesn't look too hard (and why
finish the last project when you can start a nice new one!)

New language features:
Bit syntax with unbound length parameters (allowing nice regexp
functionality without the "magic/gobbledegook" problem).

Platform issues:
64 bit erlang (remove 4G beam process limit, I guess it would also allow for
a more efficient tagging and type validating scheme relying on less bit

Unified Heap (So we can design Erlang systems like we want to (lots of
processes) without the performance penalty. Ensure realtime response)

Segmented binaries to reduce memory consumption and copying (and convoluted
pogramming style sometimes needed)

SCTP distribution (assuming Sun ever get round to implementing it)

Fix of time taken to clear ets table (i.e down from 60 seconds or more for a
decent sized table - mabe Unified heap does do this)

That's probably enough for now :)


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