OtpR8B loops on configure

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Fri Nov 9 11:08:46 CET 2001

Bruce Fitzsimons writes:
 > Thanks Mikael,
 > > I would suspect a hardware or software problem specific to your machine.
 > > I have a test box with a similar configuration (233MHz Pentium MMX,
 > > RedHat 6.2), and it has no problem with the test for unreliable f.p.
 > > exceptions. (They're reliable.)
 > Weird. I will have to think if I have changed anything. Did this FP
 > exception code exist in R7B or is it new with HiPe/R8B?

It's new in R8. It's used to improve performance for f.p. intensive
code by avoiding a large number of usually pointless error checks.
If I remember correctly, it gave a 10-20% speedup or so on pseudoknot.


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