OtpR8B loops on configure

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Thu Nov 8 23:58:25 CET 2001

Thanks Mikael,

> I would suspect a hardware or software problem specific to your machine.
> I have a test box with a similar configuration (233MHz Pentium MMX,
> RedHat 6.2), and it has no problem with the test for unreliable f.p.
> exceptions. (They're reliable.)
Weird. I will have to think if I have changed anything. Did this FP
exception code exist in R7B or is it new with HiPe/R8B?

> You wrote "2.2.14". That's a pretty old kernel, which makes me wonder
> if your box is 6.2 vanilla without any of the many recommended updates?
> You should at least upgrade glibc and the kernel.
I am reluctant to do this as I have to interop with the Dialogic linux
drivers (closed source, etc etc). They are terrible beasts of things to get
working, and not at all tolerant of kernel upgrades. I would have upgraded
to RH 7.2 otherwise :-)

I will attempt to pull out the code from the script and gdb it to see whats
going on, although the asm and signal handlers inside it will probably
confuse me a bit. Looping is odd.


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