OtpR8B loops on configure

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Thu Nov 8 14:51:25 CET 2001


I just ran into this last night.  The weird thing is that I've
built on this machine before, I have R8B-0 installed on it.  I
was just doing configure to change the prefix and install into
another directory (embedded user).

I was intending to try a fresh source tree today.


Vance Shipley
Motivity Telecom Inc.
+1 519 579 5816

Bruce Fitzsimons writes:
> Has anyone else seen this?
> Using Linux RH6.2 (2.2.14) on a Pentium 233MMX (a very minimal system, but
> still a useful node).
> On line 4688 of /erts/emulator/configure where it checks for "unreliable
> floating point execptions" (sic) it runs a conftest program which loops my
> machine. I will admit to only leaving it for 10mins but the
> program does not appear to have any loops, and skimming it does not appear
> to be particularly processor intensive.

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