Ciaran Johnston Ciaran.Johnston@REDACTED
Tue Jan 9 19:18:58 CET 2001

	I am looking at ways of interfacing a java application with an Erlang
node, and one of the better options appears to be JInterface. However
the situation we want to use it in offers a few possible sticking
points. Here's the lowdown:

The Java application is running on a different system to the one running
the Erlang node(s). We want to be able to communicate from this system
to many other systems running an Erlang node. We don't want to have
Erlang in any form installed on the system running the Java. We came up
with this solution: to copy the Java source files from the R7B source
code and build the JInterface application locally, on the relevant
machine. We have done this but haven't managed to test it yet - we've
had no end of software configuration problems. Can anyone anticipate a
problem with this?

Our other problem, a more worrying one, is the compatibility between R7B
and R5B - the Erlang nodes are all running R5B. Are there any
compatibility issues between these two versions bearing in mind that we
are only using JInterface to send messages between the Java application
and the Erlang node? In other words, can we do what we are trying to do?
As I mentioned, we haven't been able to test it here yet.

Thanks in advance,


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