INETS Question

David W. Bauer Jr. bauerd@REDACTED
Tue Feb 27 23:52:50 CET 2001

I am trying to POST a form to INETS and was curiosu to know what Inets
would do with large amounts of content.  Can I always rely upon getting
data in one large chunk from the server into my module?

Specifically, here is my fun:

fun(Env, Input) ->
	Input = httpd:parse_query(Input).
This should return to me the following according to the documentation:

ServerRet = [{Key,Value}] 

When I make this POST: 

POST /exchange/erl/api/exml HTTP/1.0\r
Accept: */*\r
User-Agent: Mozilla\r
Content-Length: 5\r

I get Key = "dave\n", Value = [].  But what if the content where very


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