Joe Armstrong joe@REDACTED
Fri Sep 1 16:35:39 CEST 2000

   | Bluetail is hiring |

   Don't waste your brain come and work us ....

The story so far ...

    Bluetail does stuff in Erlang -  we believe we can do stuff faster
in Erlang than any other way - we did some stuff and then ... 

    We got bought up  by Alteon << who has been bought up by Nortel >>

    This means that the stuff we do will be sold by *lots* of salespeople.
This means we get an opportunity to change the (programming) world ....

    and so we want to  employ more "development engineers" - << people
who can do stuff that we can sell :-) >> to join in the fun.

How we work

     Get stuff done
     Have some fun
     Make some money
     Make an impact

   1) Have idea
   2) Try the idea out on some customers
   3) Implement it (yourself or with help)
   4) Deliver to trial customers
   5) If the trial customers like it get zillions of salespeople to sell it
      or back to 1)

   Note that:
   - the cycle time here is very short (think months - not years)
   - You will be expected to implement and sell your own ideas, or
     you may end up helping somebody else implement their ideas
   - Non profitable project will be ruthlessly cut

Who we want

   - Brilliant programmers (must know C, Erlang, ... Unix)
   - Pragmatists (We *really try* to delivery most stuff in Erlang, but if this
     is too slow, we'll happily drop Erlang and do it in C. We even write
     Java if the customers want it :-)
   - Evangelists who get stuff done
     We believe in FP (and Erlang in particular). 
     We believe that we can do stuff faster and better in Erlang than
     any other language. 
   - People with lots of "hands on computing experiences", 
     typical everyday jobs might be:

     - rig Linux on some weird hardware 
     - write a new emacs mode
     - read 25 RFCs and figure out what the "real problem" is
     - talk to a customer
     - give an Erlang course
     - Fly to the states with 24 hours notice
     - ...

Extract pluses

   Non of these are essential!

   - In depth knowledge of wireless stuff
     (WAP, Imode, ...)
   - In depth knowledge of distributed programming or programming
     embedded highly available systems
   - Knowledge of protocols (TCP/IP, IPv6, ICQ, Freenet ...)
   - Speak Swedish


   - Money (we pay you :-)
   - You'll learn a lot (not theory but "learning by doing")

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Bluetail AB,                           tel:  +46 8-545 550 00
S:t Eriksgatan 44,                     fax:  +46 8-545 550 50
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