Patches for R7B-0

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Tue Nov 28 18:22:44 CET 2000

More patches for R7B-0

The numbers beginning with "OTP-" are internal tracking numbers that
we use that are not very useful to you. But keeping them makes it
more easy for us to identify the changes we have made patches for.

You use something like

  % cd otp_src_R7B-0/
  % zcat ../patches/patch-R7B-0-*.diff.gz | patch -p1

to patch your source. Let me know if there are any problems adding the

The description of the previous patches and the list below is found in


    --------  Updated the README file how to install the documentation.

    --------  Terminate configure if 'ar' command is not found.

    OTP-3785  For newer versions of gcc the value of GCCLIB_PATH is set
              incorrectly. In fact, it is not needed and now removed.

    OTP-3748  The compiler would sometimes reorder bit syntax clauses
              causing them to be execute in the wrong order.
              This has been corrected.

    OTP-3772  Changed back the return values from erl_send() and
              erl_reg_send() to 1 (as they used to be).

    OTP-3721  An error in the constructor for OtpNode has been fixed.

    OTP-3763  inet_res:nslookup/4 has been made backwards compatible.

    OTP-3769  When making rpc:call to a function that in its
              turn spawn_linked some child process, the 
              rpc server killed the child process when the
              called function returned. This is now corrected.

    OTP-3584  transform_table now supports indexes, but the dirty_index_*
              operations may exit when the index is rebuilt. The memory 
              usage has been improved for set and ordered_set tables. 

    OTP-3762  Same as OTP-3584 above.

    OTP-3761  New iteration functions has been added i.e. foldl/3 foldr/3
              foldl/4 foldr/4, together with dirty_last/1 and
              dirty_prev/2 for ordered_set tables.

    OTP-3767  A printout has been added in release_handler
              when install_release fails.

    OTP-3766  When doing a rpc:call to a remote node calling a 
              function whos process gets killed by another process 
              e.g. due to a link, the process calling rpc:call 
              hanged. This bug is now fixed.

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