JInterface help needed

Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu@REDACTED
Wed Nov 1 08:58:36 CET 2000

Hi again!

I have tried to tinker with JInterface, and I have some wonderings:

- are there any full examples to compare with? 

- OtpServer is marked as deprecated. The examples in the documentation use it nevertheless, as opposed to OtpSelf who is client-only. Does OtpSelf have now all functionality from OtpServer too? If yes, the docs should be updated too...

- I want to create a similar package as JInterface, but for another programming language (Borland Delphi), because I don't like Java that much and Corba would be an overkill... I think that converting JInterface more or less directly might be a good way to get a jumpstart - does anyone have done or tried something similar? any pitfalls?

best regards,
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