Language for service logic, was: RE: threads - use them as much a s you can

Erik Reitsma (ELN) Erik.Reitsma@REDACTED
Tue Nov 28 09:29:51 CET 2000

> >(Which doesn't really help me now that I am honestly trying to get
> >into Java programming for GUIs.)
> I sympathise. It looks like Ericsson's new "Service Creation 
> Environment"
> for Intelligent Networks will require us to write service 
> logic in Java
> (there's no GUI!). Also the JAIN initiative from Sun seems 
> likely to adopted
> by the 3gpp standards group as their standard service 
> creation API. 

As far as I know not JAIN but Parlay is already adopted by 3gpp. Parlay is CORBA based, and could therefore support other languages "as well as" Java.

However, the platform on which the services are supposed to run (TelORB/Jambala) only supports C++ and Java. I don't see anybody porting Erlang to it. And why should you want to do it, when OTP provides all that TelORB provides?


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