newbie erlang programmer has a newbie problem.. :)

Sun Nov 19 03:01:27 CET 2000

hi all,

first of all, greetings to all people in the list, this is my first 

What i'm trying is a very simple program, thought i cannot resolve, 
since i've just started with erlang. Its a tcp server that only has to 
tell to the clients that "you are user number X", and when there are 4 
users connected, reject them with a message like: "there are finnaly 4 
users, bye!".

i have an initial code like this:

-module (server).
-export ([start/1,beginserver/1]).

start(Port) ->
    spawn(server, beginserver, [Port]).

beginserver(Port) ->
    {ok, Lsock} = gen_tcp:listen(Port, [binary, {packet, 0},{active, 

serverloop(Lsock, Nuser) ->
    {ok, Sock} = gen_tcp:accept(Lsock),
    io:format ("welcome to SuperServer 0.0\nyou are user #~w\n",
    serverloop(Lsock, Nuser+1).

but doesnt works. Anyone could help me? 

thanks in advance,
Diego Fernandez

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