Python in Erlang

Steve Elkins sgelkins@REDACTED
Wed Nov 15 02:35:46 CET 2000

Mickael Remond wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, sgelkins@REDACTED wrote:

> > My manager is attracted to Python.  Has anyone ever tried
> > embedding it in Erlang?  python:eval("whatever") or some
> > such thing?  I'd be interested in hearing any experience
> > reports.
> You can find a proof of concept binding at :
> We tried this binding but it was not sufficent for our need and is difficult
> to build and to use.

Thanks, I should have said that I knew about this.  I have some users who would
like to use Python as their scripting language (everyone understands OOP, or at
thinks so), but the application cries out for Erlang: lots of nodes, lots of 
threads per node, reliability a must, etc.  So what I'm considering is calling
Python from Erlang to handle user scripting and letting Erlang handle the rest.

> Finally, we are just made a specific API to call our Erlang from Python via socket
> communication. This approach is working well for us. The datatype are very
> similar and are easy to map, so the datatype conversion is ok.

And something in the opposite direction might work for us.


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