Björn Wingman bjowi@REDACTED
Thu May 4 11:36:19 CEST 2000

> Actually the POA is an ORB-local issue, it doesn't change the way
> that ORBs interoperate. So, it's quite OK to use Orber to talk with
> ORBs that use the POA. Infact I've used Orber and JacOrb (using POA)
> together without a problem, so you should be okay.

Aha. Ok, but there must be something I haven't understood. I want to
write an erlang client, and read the IOR from a file.

When I use the corba:string_to_object I get an error message.


corba:string_to_object(<jacorb-generated IOR>)  gives:

** exited: {{nocatch,{'EXCEPTION',{'NO_IMPLEMENT',[],0,undefined}}},
             {shell,eval_loop,2}]} **


corba:string_to_object(<erlang-generated IOR>) works ok and gives this

Obj: {'IOP_IOR',[73,68,76,58,109,97,116,104,115,47,65,100,100,65,110,100,77,117,108,116,105,112,108,121,58,49,46,48],[{'IOP_TaggedProfile',0,{'IIOP_ProfileBody_1_0',{'IIOP_Version',1,0},[98,97,107,101,100,46,118,101,103,101,116,97,98,108,101,46,111,114,103],4001,{#Bin<28>,key,#Bin<35>,#Bin<13>}}}]}

     /Björn Wingman

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