Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Wed May 3 19:12:21 CEST 2000

"Björn Wingman" <bjowi@REDACTED> writes:

> If I'm not mistaken, orber 3.0.1 is a corba 2.0 orb, and uses BOA and
> not POA. My guess is that this will give problems if I try to use
> orber with newer orbs, such as JacOrb, which use POA.  Do I guess correctly?
> Is there a new version of orber that I haven't found, or is there one
> forthcoming soon?

Actually the POA is an ORB-local issue, it doesn't change the way that
ORBs interoperate. So, it's quite OK to use Orber to talk with ORBs
that use the POA. Infact I've used Orber and JacOrb (using POA)
together without a problem, so you should be okay.


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