Erlang business application project

patrickdlogan@REDACTED patrickdlogan@REDACTED
Tue Jul 13 02:35:04 CEST 1999

Roberto Moreda writes:
 > Ok, I've just posted a few weeks ago a question about linking
 > erlang with legacy systems using ODBC or similar. My goal is a
 > business suite in Erlang, probably with an interface in other
 > language more suitable (Java?).

I am interested in further discussions along these lines. *Please*
send me private email if you'd like to be a part of some discussions
in order to keep the traffic down on this mail list. I am building
some applications in Erlang, inets, mnesia, etc. with the intent to
evolve the applications into a "framework" for building more
applications easier (a la Lotus Notes).

 > I'm very interested in a project wich name can be ;) Open-ERP ...
 > I know it is a very big work, but it must be started in some point
 > someday...

I am starting small, but it does not hurt to think big either.

 > Fantastic, I have no too much time, but I'm VERY interested. 

Another reason to start small.

 > BTW : Sorry for my poor English :)

No es malo. Usted debe leer mi español!  8^)

Patrick D. Logan        mailto:patrickdlogan@REDACTED

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