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Roberto Moreda moreda@REDACTED
Mon Jul 5 18:41:00 CEST 1999

* Mickael Remond (mikl@REDACTED) [990705 08:29]:
> I don't know if you remember me, but I made an announcement a few months
> ago about the developpment of a set of business software in Erlang.

Ok, I've just posted a few weeks ago a question about linking erlang with
legacy systems using ODBC or similar. My goal is a bussines suite in Erlang,
probably with an interface in other language more suitable (Java?).
I'm very interested in a project wich name can be ;) Open-ERP ...

I know it is a very big work, but it must be started in some point someday

> I worked on specification and I am now at the point of starting the
> development.

Fantastic, I have no too much time, but I'm VERY interested. 

> I am working on a little tool on top of mnesia, to manage objects as a
> hierarchy. I use a table matching a path to a table, and I made it
> possible to work on a complete branch of the tree and to manipulate a
> set of objects.

I don't have played too much with Erlang, but in a bussines environment we
must deal with legacy databases (Oracle, Informix,...)

> Does such tools already exist in Erlang ?

I don't know

> I find that the way I am doing this is very ugly. I need some kind of
> Erlang mentor to help me to get acquainted with good Erlang programming
> methods and habits and to show me the Erlang wy to do things.
> I there someone here that would play this part.
> I fact I also need to know how you would strucutre the modules, the
> directories, and so on.

The same for me.

> I am not completly sure that this library is useful and is well coded.

I know a place where we can test it in a real production environment.

> If a good soul is willing to help me, maybe I can place the code on a
> web server to let you access it.


> Thanks in advance for your help.

It's nothing.


BTW : Sorry for my poor English :)

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